Hearts Against Balance

Hearts Against Balance a kingdom hearts real play, role playing game using the Interstitial: our hearts intertwined rule set. 

Join our three players: Dre, Luis, Leeza and the game master Tony on a adventure through the cosmos. To find answers to the questions they’ve been asking.

Patreon Tiers

Cloudy Crew

$1 or more per month
At this tier, you can get episodes early

(1-7 days before the release of an episode)

The Fiveinator

At this tier, you can get early episodes (1-7 days before the release of an episode)

Bonus content including side-quests, character back story, Q&A

Basketball Basketball

This tier is for our fans who want to support us but want to be recognized for helping us out. The Troy of fans. If you do this tier once a month we will shout out your name on the show.

Tony's Promise

As Tony won't stop bringing it up, he has forced our hand. This tier will get you one bicep kiss. The catch being you must come to him for your prize.

Episode 38 - The Links Between Us

Episode 14 - Bastion of Bolton

Episode 13 - A CATastrophic Event

Episode 12 - Queen Moon the Undaunted

Episode 11 - The Perfect Trinity

Episode 10 - The Death of a Friend

Episode 9 - The Perfect Episode

Episode 8 - The Day of Fate

Episode 7 - Getting ready For The Games

Episode 6 - Training With Goku

Episode 5 - Age 767

Episode 4 - Chard Cake

Episode 3 - The Threeinator

Episode 2 - I'm Dennis

Episode 1 - The Journey Begins

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