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Leeza Perry is co-creator and co-host on Hearts Against Balance and It’s Your Turn Now!. She was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida. She is also the digital and marketing director of Stony Grotto, a podcast production company. 


Do any of these questions align with you:   

  • Ever wonder what it’s like to be a young mom?
  • Did you just recently find out your pregnant and you think you’re too young?
  • Want some advice about not taking advice?

Let's talk about it...

In June of 2014, I graduated high school. I starting living on my own with the hopes of going to a university to study nursing or acting (indecision at it’s finest), and also had a grand’o job as an assistant housekeeper. Really, what more could I want!

Luis and I (significant other) started dating about a month after we both graduated high school, things were shaky at the start: break up, get together, rinse repeat. 

Then in November of that year, I found out I was expecting my first baby….. oh Fuc** no! 

Not to mention, that during the first trimester I hid the whole pregnancy thing from my mother. I eventually told a family friend, who then told her mother, who then called my mom and broke the news. (Never hide a pregnancy from your parents, ya’ll. It just comes back to bite you and there will be a lot of tears.)

Me as a young'en

I was 18 with no clue how to raise a baby and add to the mix, we both didn’t have a reliable job; talk about a nail biter. But, eh, when you’re thrown a curve ball, you evaluate the trajectory and… figure. shit. out.

The pregnancy went well. I gained about 10% more body fat, got tons of stretch marks, and almost killed Luis. All and all the pregnancy was pretty darn normal. But then came labor and delivery.

Mommy and Daddy at the baby shower

36 hours of pain, 2 epidurals, too many catheters to count (3 but who was counting), and a vomit or two later, Luna was born in July of 2015. I can’t tell you how fortunate we were that our baby was a beautifully healthy girl weighing at 8lbs 12oz. Both of us found good paying jobs (eventually), Luis started working making decent money and I started a job 5 months after Luna was born while also starting school at, no other than, a community college.

F-ing Tired

As a young mom, many are stigmatized as an irresponsible child and let’s not talk about the looks you received when your child is acting their age and having a meltdown in the mall. But if you roll with the punches, learn to plaster on an RBF, and you mean mug anyone with the elitist stink look, you can pretty much not feel like the hot mess that you know, deep down, you are.

Birthday Party Blues

We may be young, but hell, I’ll still be in my 30’s when my daughter is in high school. Not to mention even older parents have their trials and tribulations with the heathens we call offspring. It’s parenting, it’s not an exact science and while there may be books, most may not work for you. What I am trying to say is, rock the tantrums, cuddle the babies, and by all means don’t listen to the advice of others. (Redundant, right?)

Fun day at the Park

Tell me about your motherhood experience. 

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